Welcome to Tales & Tan Lines, my own little collection of all the things I enjoy and care about.

If you asked my friends to tell you one thing about me, it might have to do with the fact that I have too many clothes. I regularly drop off what feels like half of my wardrobe at local charity shops whenever I move house, but for some reason it seems to magically replenish itself which leaves me with enough clothes to wear that I wouldn’t even need to put a wash on for 3 months straight. I always loved the idea of having stuff that no one else had and so I started to make my own clothes when I was like 15 years old. There always seems to be too little time for things like that these days but I just got back into it as I believe the whole recycling/up-cycling idea is getting more important than ever, and clothes are just one way to get involved with this. I love the planet we live on, and it drives me insane if people don’t seem to take as much care of it as we all should.

I also love food and nutrition and often spend hours in the kitchen throwing things together that probably no one else would (sometimes for good reasons). I’ve been vegetarian for many years and often cook and bake vegan; most of the things I cook are pretty healthy but don’t let that fool you – I love a good pizza or Anita’s ice cream every so often too.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia where I arrived a good few years ago and never wanted to leave since. My roots are in Dusseldorf, Germany. I’m a fashion marketer for a living but my new full-time job is looking after my little daughter, who was born in April 2017. Yay!

This blog is for new mums or mums-to-be, fashion-lovers, creative minds, foodies, health-fanatics, those who love exercising just as much as they love good wine, and friends & family.

For enquiries, comments, feedback or affiliate/partnership/advertising opportunities email me via talesandtanlines@gmail.com.