My day on a plate – wk 39

The final countdown is on – my due date isn’t far away at all now. This week I’m literally just allowing myself to have whatever I feel like having; I honestly can’t wait to get back to eating a bit more ‘normal’ once baby is here but now is not the time to restrict myself 🙅

I’m also feeling much better than last week which is strange in a way given I’m getting bigger and bigger, so I’m actually happy spending some time in the kitchen cooking stuff.

Here’s what a typical day of food looked like this week:

Breakfast: Raisin toast with PB and banana + fruit and yogurt 

Raisin toast

After a rough night of hardly any sleep at all, I am starving by the time I get up in the morning. This breakfast has Treat Yo Self written all over it, and I decided I deserve it today 🙌 I just love those thick raisin toast slices; not that I think it’s a particularly great breakfast but at 39 weeks, I admittedly don’t care that much anymore 🤷‍♀️ But still, I at least managed to include 2 serves of fruit and the strawberries with plain yogurt and a bit of honey surely aren’t bad for me at all either, so I think I’m good, and it easily keeps me going until lunch.

Lunch: Buddha bowl or: Every veg I could find on a plate

buddha bowl

We got our Harris Farm groceries delivered yesterday, so our fridge is unnaturally well stocked with fruit and veg. I roasted some sweet potato, fried some corn on the cob (it’s sooo much nicer than using canned corn but you can totally use that too) and some mushrooms with fresh thyme from the balcony, chopped some tomatoes, olives and avocado and scooped it all onto a big bed of salad leaves. I only used a bit of olive oil and lime juice as a dressing as I didn’t think it needed any more than that.

Oh and I also added 2 slices of grilled halloumi (I pan-fried it with a bit of honey and pepper, it’s the best thing ever), because… YOLO?!?

Snack: Soy latte with cinnamon

soy latte2

I’m so stuffed from lunch that I really don’t need a snack today, so I just have a cup of coffee with soy milk which is enough of a treat in itself anyway. I swear by Bonsoy soy milk when it comes to coffee; if you’re fussy about the froth on your coffee like I am, then don’t even try anything else. It’s not cheap at nearly $5/l, but it’s totally worth it, and you can obviously use another soy/nut milk for any of your other cooking, so keep the precious stuff for your caffeine hits!

I am adding the cinnamon right to the coffee grounds in the plunger before adding the boiled water, but you could also add it to the soy milk before heating it up. This cuppa just tastes like a hug. *sigh*

Dinner: Gnocchi mediterranean style 


Whenever I have gnocchi, I actually cook that much sauce that it becomes more of a soup/stew with a few gnocchi swimming in it. That way I get at least another serve of veggies and have much less of the ‘not-so-good-for-you’ stuff.

I just chopped some zucchini, capsicum, aubergine and sun-dried tomatoes that I fried with a bit of garlic and onion and then added lots of tomato puree and diced tomatoes for the sauce. I also used plenty of fresh basil for the sauce – is it the best herb in the world or what?! Add a bit of shaved parmesan for garnish or omit to keep it vegan. This tastes even better the next day 😋

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