My fashion-picks for new mums

I don’t know about you, but when I started looking for some maternity clothes when I was about 5 months pregnant, I knew pretty quickly that this was not what I wanted to spend my money on. Most of the options I found were ridiculously overpriced, and I felt like they just all looked the same for some reason. I hardly found anything that I thought I would wear if I wasn’t carrying that big belly in front of me, and knowing I would only wear it for a couple of months just made it feel like a bit of a waste of money.

I ended up buying myself 3 maternity dresses and 2 pairs of leggings throughout my entire pregnancy, but everything else I have been wearing were things I already had in my wardrobe (my love for anything oversized definitely came in handy here). So for the period after the baby’s born my idea is pretty much the same and I don’t want to buy too many ‘nursing specific’ clothes. I did buy a few basic nursing tops just because I guess you need them and they’ll be great for layering, but other than that I want to make sure to only buy clothes I will wear for longer.

Here are some of my favourites that I think will work really well right after pregnancy and which I will definitely be wearing beyond the first few months too:

Kimonos, wraps and throws

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.23.31 pm

Free People Gemini Drippy Kimono in black combo, AUD89,08

I can’t wait to wear this kimono slash blouse type thing, it’s sooo beautiful. It’s super soft and light too so it’ll be great to just wear as an additional layer when I just want to cover up a bit but don’t necessarily need something to keep me warm. It looks great with the button open too so I could even wear it now that I’m still pregnant, but I’ll keep this one tucked away in the wardrobe until baby’s here to have something to look forward to wearing.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.54.59 am

Sportsgirl Embroidered Throw in burnt orange, AUD99,95

I stumbled across this one when I was window shopping in Manly the other day and bought it without even trying it on. I’m not usually a massive fan of the brand but thought this one deserves to make an exception. The colour is great and it’ll be another go-to for making my basic nursing tops look a bit less boring.


Tree Of Life Revolver Jacket, AUD55

How cool is this little jacket, and a total bargain too. It’s slightly thicker than the other two but obviously serves the same purpose – covering up if I want to. The jacket has patches all over it too which I totally love.

Joggers & leggings

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.18.10 pm

Noisy May Kick Backs Knit Jogger @Asos, AUD51

I’ve been living in comfy pants with elastic waistbands for the past few months, and I’m not ready to part with them yet. But I do think joggers don’t need to look like a Sunday in bed, and there’s more to leggings than the good old Athleisure wear. I think these ones will be super comfy but can also be dressed up or down if I feel like it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.24.54 pm

Silence & Noise Striped Stirrup Pant @Urban Outfitters, USD39

I really like the sporty look of these, but they’re also not your usual pair of black leggings. They come with a high waistband which I will probably like the idea of in the coming weeks and months. I’d wear these with some trainers just like pictured.

Wrap dresses

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.56.43 pm

The Fifth Label New Wave Dress @The Iconic, AUD119,95

Anything that wraps is probably always a good idea when you’re nursing. This dress will be great going into autumn/winter and I can already see it being super practical. This might become a wardrobe staple for me quite quickly.

Let me know what you’re wearing in the comments!

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