My day on a plate – wk 37

I’ve been feeling pretty low on energy this week. Trying to get through everyday chores like putting up a wash or emptying the dishwasher feels like a workout these days. So I’m trying to fuel my body with lots of healthy carbs for energy, vegetarian and vegan protein and foods rich in iron, because I need to stock up on those levels anyway and I can tell that I feel a lot better since I’m paying more attention to it (and I’ve tripled my intake of iron supplements too).

So this is what a typical day of food has looked like for me this week:

Breakfast: Porridge with chia seeds, plum and medjool dates


Did you know that medjool dates supposedly help for your labour to start on time? My midwife told me about it this week and when I read up on it, there’s actually quite a few studies that have proven this to be true. I don’t really mind whether it’s just another old wives tale or if it really makes a difference, because I love the sweet, caramel-y taste and how versatile they are, so I’ll just start adding them to my diet for the next couple of weeks.

I used 5-grain oats that I cooked with unsweetened almond&coconut milk, 3 medjool dates, a plum, plenty of cinnamon and added some chia seeds for extra Omega 3 and iron. Oats are a great source of plant based protein and complex carbs, plus they are full of fibre and lots of other nutritional goodies; there’s literally nothing oats can’t do!

Try swapping the plum with ½ grated apple which is just as delicious.

Lunch: Avocado on wholegrain toast with eggs and black beans


My lunch has been super simple and this is definitely one of my go-to’s. I would usually have vegemite on my toast too with this but totally forgot until I was halfway through #pregnancybrain. I don’t usually have eggs (same with dairy) in my diet but have reintroduced them since I’m pregnant. Given they have to be hard-boiled these days, they’re not as exciting as usual either so I only have them once in a while.

I’m also having a serve of black beans on the side that I cooked up the other day, because beans and toast just go together like peas and carrots don’t they (and again, for extra iron)!

Snack: Coconut yogurt and strawberries 


Not very fancy this one; it’s literally just natural coconut yogurt and strawberries. You could use mixed berries for a bit of variety or I love cooking up some frozen berries with a bit of maple syrup and then pour it over the yogurt – there’s something about that cool and hot combination that is just sooo good.

I particularly like the Nudie coconut yogurt and it’s also not as expensive as most other varieties. With this snack I’m having my second serve of fruit for the day, this time a lot lower in sugar than in my breakfast too.

Dinner: Kale & cannellini bean stir fry with parmesan and brown rice

Kale_brown rice

I am really in love with kale. I mean, who isn’t these days. It still surprises me sometimes how it just works with pretty much anything. For dinner I have cooked it up with some onion, garlic, spices, cannellini beans and some grated parmesan just for some extra flavour (I often add nutritional yeast instead of cheese if I want to keep it vegan).

This is another dish with lots of iron and folate from the kale and more iron from the beans plus healthy carbs from the brown rice. Seems like I’ve been on an iron-roll today!

I will spare you the picture of the chocolate bar I had for dessert because this way I can pretend my day has been ultra healthy.


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