The coolest brands for the little ones

Do you guys remember the video of that 8-year old girl having a rant about gender-stereotypes when it comes to girls and boys clothing and how it absolutely makes no sense at all? You should watch it if you haven’t yet, she has just totally hit the nail on the head. Why do clothes have to look a certain way just based on whether it’s a girl or boy wearing them?

If I think back to when I was little, I was a real tomboy. People always thought I was a boy because I played football, had short hair and wore my brother’s old clothes (because I loved them, not because I had to). My worst nightmare was putting on a pair of tights when I had to every so often; there was nothing on earth I found more uncomfortable and I thought it just looked so ‘girly’. I hated it.

Now, I’m not saying that every girl feels that way. But I think that often parents – and also other people having an impact on how children perceive themselves – are trying to enforce an image onto them that simply isn’t right. I personally don’t want to push my daughter into any direction through what she’ll be wearing. Yes, of course she won’t be able to make her own decisions until she’s a few years old, but until then, I don’t want to just assume that she would want to wear pink clothes every day or that she’d do anything to avoid wearing a super-hero jumper. I know it’s kind of in fashion to dress your child ‘gender-neutral’ these days, even though I don’t quite agree with that either. I just think children – girls as well as boys, that is – should be able to wear whatever it is they want to wear. Full stop.

Anyway, I meant to show you some of the stuff that I’ve already bought and brands that I really like. I’ve tried to stick to organic cotton and Australian-owned brands where possible. Below is just a tiny selection but I will no doubt add to it over time.


Milk & Masuki


I just love their designs and prints and everything I bought so far is such great quality. It’s certainly not cheap, but totally reasonable for what you’re getting I would say. I might actually get a couple more newborn onesies whilst their sale is still on.




How cool are their beanies! I just thought they had the coolest designs and their clothing range is totes adorable too. I was also after something more basic that would go with all the printed and more colourful clothes that we already got and ordered a few colours from Beau Hudson‘s newborn beanie range too.


Miann & Co.


I particularly love these guys for their soft toys and rattles. We ended up getting Liam Lama as our daughter’s first plush toy but could have honestly bought the entire range. They got some really cool gift packs too.




I feel like these guys are stocked pretty much everywhere now, and I can see why. All their designs are just uber-cool and their photography is just the coolest. Definitely a bit more expensive than the rest though.




You might find it surprising seeing this one on my list, but I have actually found some real gems amongst their more ‘conventional’ baby clothing range. The banana onesie was the first thing that I got for our little one when I was like 8 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t resist. It’s sooo tiny too, I just had to get it.

I thought the knitted joggers and headband would make a seriously cool combo too and keep her warm and cozy on those chilly autumn evenings.


Other brands I love but haven’t shopped at yet:

  • Kippins
  • Children of the Tribe
  • Pop Factory
  • Riley and Cru
  • Zuttion


Some things I learned whilst shopping online:

  1. Check the sales. Your baby will probably be layered up most of the time anyway, so why not get the short-sleeve rompers or singlets now for less.
  2. Make some time to browse. I think I found some of the best brands by reading blogs, looking through instagram or by checking online shops that you simply wouldn’t find through Google search.
  3. Be prepared for some bad online shopping experiences. Some online shops that specialise in baby clothes unfortunately just aren’t set up to the same standards as what you’re used to from other online stores. I’m not judging here – I know many websites are operated by super small companies or even private people who just try to do their best, but I found it pretty frustrating not being able to do basic things like filtering by size or viewing more than 6 products per page at once. It’s 2017 guys!


Let me know what brands you like the most in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The coolest brands for the little ones

  1. From the other side of the world:
    Lilly and Sid

    and check out baby clothes by next very very cool – but your baby girl will be definitely the most stylish gal ever 😉


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